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Interactive basketball shot charts, visualizations and analysis.

Slice, analyze and visualize basketball shot data with Shot Analytics.

We make it easy to perform advanced shooting analysis in a matter of seconds. Slice and visualize shot chart data from all 30 NBA Teams and over 100 NCAA teams.

Shot360 Tool

Whether you’re a coach, fan, scout or player, Shot Analytics allows you to interpret basketball shot chart data on your own terms. Use our innovative Shot360 tool to filter a shot chart by multiple dimensions including everything from time left, defensive distance to a given spot on the floor. Or, review game breakdowns to visualize a game's outcome.

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Extend your analysis with our leaderboards to determine what players are the most effective scorers in their league. Points Above Expectation measures how many more points a player scored compared to the average shooting percentages in their zones. Or, view leaderboards for different shooting zones on the floor.

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We've put together several demos of the product in action to demonstrate some use cases and show how easily you can answer questions like: How is Wisconsin successful on offense and defense? Who is Toronto's best late shot clock scorer?

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